So in my last blog, I mentioned I went to do a shoot and the original location didn’t work out. We ended up finding a neat building that was in the process of being built. But we originally wanted to shoot at this old abandoned house that she had known of. It was fenced off but there was a part that was easy to climb through.

It was right off the freeway and there were no other places around it. We were there for probably about 7 minutes and some little old country man showed up. I spotted him, leaning over the fence, trying to take a picture of me and the model with his cell phone. He was old and wearing a red plaid button up shirt and some Wrangler blue jeans that were hiked up past his belly button.

I went over there to see what he was up to and he was being nice, but said we were on private property and yadda yadda yadda. I tried to squeeze 30 more minutes out of him, but he said we couldn’t stay because of liability and stuff. So we left. I’m glad we scored on the other location we found, though!

Here’s three of the pictures I took at the house:

Model: Nancy Santos

Model: Nancy Santos

This one was taken by this old shack thing right before we got snuck up on my the weird old man.

Nancy Santos


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