Busiest month ever!

I decided I want to be really productive and book a shoot on every Saturday and Sunday this month! So far, I have all but one day booked! I am beginning to think I should use that day to relax.

I am really stoked to see what kinds of images will come from this month. I also have more ideas in my head for future shoots. There are so many awesome props in Ebay. I think I am going to be finding myself spending a bit of money there.

The other day I got to hang out with another photographer, April, which is something I don’t get to do too often. She is even into odd & unusual stuff like me! We might collaborate on something soon if she decides to model for me! Check out her stuff: http://www.lirpalife.com/

I also have a shoot booked with my friend photographer friend Kendall! I am pretty stoked about it! Here’s her page: http://www.kendaru.com/

Doing shoots with other photographers will be interesting…especially since we probably do our things differently. I’ll keep wondering how different they would be doing things if they were the one taking pictures!

Okay…so the first shoot I had this month was with Vampyre Haven! I posted a picture the other day, but she has 2 different looks, so I will post a picture of her other look!

I had a lot of fun working with her! I think the most interesting thing is she doesn’t normally model, but yet she was just as creative! She wants to shoot with me again soon…should be fun!

Here is a behind the scene picture where I was showing her the fun behind reaching out towards fish eye lenses!

I love taking behind the scene shots. [heart.]

Anyways, the next day, I had a shoot with Mistress Derlie! Very fun!

Here is a few pictures from that!

Here’s another!

So the concept was about heart break, getting dumped, cutting. I’ll definitely have to write another blog to explain where that heart came from…interesting story…

We had a completely different set after this one. Here’s is one picture I took from that set…

This set had it’s own concept…but I will share that story and pictures of it on my next post! And yes, I will explain where I got the heart with the red tinsel coming out of it.

Every time you see me zoning out and day dreaming, I am probably thinking of something creative. You’ll see…


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