Where the heart came from.

Okay so if you read my last post, you may recall I had an interesting story about where that red heart with red tinsel came from seen in my shoot with Mistress Derlie!

It might not be that interesting of a story, but I definitely dig it!

I saw this red nightgown at the thrift store and wanted to use the bottom of it as part of a backdrop. I made the heart of out the top of it. Why waste it? And I got the tinsel from a thrift store, too. I paid under a dollar for it. đŸ™‚

My sewing machine was being completely lame that day and I punched it. The problem was fixed, though. Yes, my kitchen is kind of messy.

I did 2 shoots this weekend! I did a shoot with Evelyn Lucia! I originally thought it was going to be Evelyn Lucia and Carmageddon…but I found out that it was only going to be Evelyn Lucia and Carma was actually offering her skills with make up, hair, and wardrobe! She did a fine job!

Here’s another!

They came out adorable! My biggest challenge was making the background all white without shadows. We used a white sheet. Until I get correct lighting or a better version of photoshop, I’ll have to settle for the best I can do.

Big thanks to Carma who offered her magic touches…and also for throwing together the awesome ideas! It was also fun to work with Evelyn Lucia again!

“Saucy Eye!”

Carma and I will be planning another shoot in the near future…

I did a shoot today with Cupcake…the first model I ever worked with back in 2008! Not too long ago, but it seems so. Since I last seen her, she joined a band! Not only did I do a shoot with her, but I did a band shoot! My next post will be about that!


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