4 days, 4 models.

First, let me mention that I think I am going to start posting here every day. If not every day, than at least a lot more often. I’ve been finding that I’ve been getting backed up in stuff to write about!

This month, I decided to drown myself in photo shoots. I have been eager to create and add some art to my portfolio. Speaking of portfolio, I do plan to add some gallery pages here.

So far this month, I have done five shoots. I had two that canceled. My first cancel…I had a strong feeling it would happen. When she canceled 4 hours before the shoot, I realized I should have called it off when I first got a flaky vibe from her. My second cancel was more understandable…she was driving kind of far to shoot with me. As far as I know, she plans to reschedule.

I have a shoot with a band tonight and then I have a model shoot tomorrow! I am pretty excited because the model I am shooting with tomorrow has quite an interesting thing going on! Something a little different!

Next weekend I have a 4 model challenge going on! I have a shoot Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! I just added the Monday shoot this morning and the concept is going to be killer! I am being secretive about it now! Hehehehe! I will be so busy though! Lot’s of pics to work on!

I am going to start opening up dates for June, but I am not going to overload like I did this month! I have a lot more to write about recent shoots and concerts I have taken pictures at, but I will save that for next time.

I want to add a picture to this post, so I might as well mention my shoot for Saturday the 29th is with Mischa! The last time I saw her, we did this shoot!

The shoot I have planned with her on Saturday will be a totally different concept! I’ll be going to the Bay area and she has a special spot picked out!

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