It was just a post ago where I wrote about my upcoming 4 model challenge this coming weekend…well…it seems at least one of them isn’t very professional.

My Fridays shoot…I called and left a message on her voice mail today to touch base. I went to her modeling page to see if there were any updates. Apparently, she posted an update saying she is going on a modeling hiatus due to a major change in her personal life. After I read about the major change, I completely understood her need to take some time off and focus on more important things. The only thing that didn’t sit too well with me was she didn’t bother contacting me…and apparently, there was another photographer that she was supposed to shoot with today…didn’t bother to call or show up. Left the photographer and 2 other assistants hanging. I don’t really think that is cool or very considerate. A simple text only takes a moment to send.

I would rather not have someone cancel on me at the last minute. Not saying anything at all is even worse.

Well…my Friday shoot is no longer. The magic of it, though, is I have all the props I need to do the shoot with a different model! I have a shoot with Mischa on Saturday…so she got first dibs on the concept I had in mind for the shoot that was to be on Friday. Gladly, she is interested! I know she will go well with the concept because Mischa is savage like that! šŸ™‚ So we will be doing 2 sets, as well as a few shoots for band merch!

Sadly, I am becoming concerned about my Sunday shoot. I haven’t been getting any replies. I think it’s odd that the 2 shoots that had the most communication going on in the beginning are the ones that fell through. Well the Sunday shoot isn’t a confirmed flop, but I am really getting that vibe. So far, everything seems okay with the Monday shoot. I’m just feeling a little discouraged and I hope I don’t lose that one, too.

Today is a poopie day in Angelize Photography land. :-[

Thank goodness for Mischa, tho. ā¤

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