Busy weekend…

Okay as of now, I do have 4 shoots booked for this Memorial Day weekend. The one with Mischa will be a double set! This should be fun! I feel extra inspired after having three flake-outs this month. All my creativity is bottled up and I can’t wait to put it down starting Saturday. I have so many details I need to remember. I’ve made lists of props I need to have.

The rain has delayed my search for finding the perfect tree for Monday. If I don’t find the tree I want, I’ll have to improvise. And, no, I am not going to discuss what that shoot entails! Hehehe! When I get pics uploaded, I’ll talk about it.

I am so excited. I just want everything to turn out right.

I might as well add pictures to this post! Here are some from my first shoot with Mischa! December 2008!

I did this shoot with my Canon Powershot A630. That camera is completely crappy now. I’ve used it so much that the flash doesn’t work right and it seems more grainy than it used to be. Bummer because I love using that one just to carry around and have fun with!


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4 responses to “Busy weekend…

  1. Katina

    You take such great photos. And that belt… I waaant. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve taken to reading your blog now. It’s interesting and pretty.

  2. Carma


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