May: I was on a mission!

I keep saying I am going to write about my whole May experience…I might as well do it now! I decided I would drown myself in photo shoots and just do it. I don’t think I will ever overbook like that again! Or at least not in a long time. Not with a full time job and other things going on in life. It was productive, yet overwhelming.

May 1st. I did a shoot with Vampyre Haven. Here is one of my favorites:

May 2nd. Mistress Derlie. Pink vomit. 🙂

May 8th. Evelyn Lucia…MUA/hair/wardrobe by Carma!

May 9th. Cupcake…the first model I ever did a shoot with back in 2008!

May 15th.A model flaked on me. Frustrating because I spent money on props, but I got to relax that day!

May 23rd. Did a shoot in Old Sac with Katina!

May 28th. A model went MIA on me…and I don’t like that. I ended up doing the shoot with Mischa the following day. We did two different sets.

May 29th. Did a shoot with Mischa! We did two sets, as previously mentioned…a cannibal shoot and a shoot inspired by Marilyn Manson’s look in The Fight Song!

May 30th. I had a shoot booked during the morning. The model flaked. Fortunately, Lirpa came though and wanted to shoot! Read about her shoot here.

May 31st. The last shoot of the month. I did a shoot with Vivian Elsokary. Inspired by one of my favorite Greek Mythology stories…

What is this story?

So there they are…my ten shoots. I still have the props for the two concept I had in mind for the first two models that flaked on me…and I will use them in due time. It was a stressful month for me, but I was resourceful and I made sure I could chew what I bit off. I still have a lot to learn, but I didn’t do too bad.

I have more to write about but I will save it for next time. I’ve been active with my photography this month, but it has been much more relaxed compared to May. I do have a lot of post processing to catch up on. I have a shoot this Friday with a newer model and a cosplay shoot with a guy I know from around the way on Saturday! Woot!

Stay tuned.

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