Catch up month.

I still need to write about all the shoots I did in May. Maybe a night when I think I might be almost bored. I rarely ever get bored. I never run out of things to do…which is good that I didn’t overbook for this month. I have a lot of catching up to to!

The only shoot I have booked this month is the shoot I have scheduled for tomorrow with Carma! It will be my first time shooting in black & white. I am excited! The lighting will be very important! I need to make sure I set everything right!

Also, this Saturday I am going to be the photographer at Dan & Brandie’s wedding! I hope I do well!

I do have a lot to write about. I need to write a little every day before I get backed up and forget things! Like the day I did a shoot with Katina

We met in Old Sac and I had no idea they were going to have some festival that day! It was hot and there was TONS of people. We went to a somewhat hidden place and did a shoot. She had three different looks, all wearing this handlebar mustache! Hehehehe!

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