Still keeping busy this month!

I didn’t overbook this month, but I have still been keeping busy!

In the beginning of the month, April (LirpaLife) invited me to hang out at Scott Duncan’s place for some photography fun! He is a great photographer!

I started having some camera issues, especially with one of the lenses I was using. I got a newer one, though! Anyhow, Scott was teaching us neat light tricks and also gave me a neat mannequin head to practice with! Thanks, Scott! I still need to find time to experiment with this things!

Here’s a pic I took of April!

I also did a shoot with Carma recently! She has a pretty new hair style!

We did some very unusual black & whites…I still need to get more of those uploaded! I been busy, as usual! 😦

Friday I had a shoot after work with Amy Elizabeth Thompson! We met at the river with several props…had a great time!

I have more updates and pics to share…but I will save that for next time!

Check my Flickr account for more pictures from these shoots and many others!

Angelize Photography on Flickr

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