A sort of old one

I was perusing some of my older pics…well, from a couple years ago…and I found this one I took during a Ceremonial Castings show. This is Lord Serpent:

I’m pretty sure that was 2008. I used my old camera…a Canon Powershot A630. It was just a little point and shoot with some manual features, but it was pretty neat in it’s better days! Now, the flash barely works and the images look pretty grainy compared to how it used to be. But I loved how it fit in my purse and it was easy to use during those times I wasn’t so sober. 😉

In this particular picture, the quality is pretty poor. There is a bit of grain and there was also a fog machine going on so the flash light bounced all over the place. I also had a slower shutter speed so there’s some light streams….but I love that. I also love the movement I captured him doing here…you can tell I caught him in the zone!

It may have it’s tiny imperfections, but I feel I succeeded at capturing the dark grittiness of black metal here.


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