Round Three of the business cards!

I remember my great photographer friend Lauren Wiest gave me one of her business cards once and that’s when I discovered Minicards from!

I ordered a batch, then I ordered another….then I went a little while without reordering…..and now I have batch #3!

I decided to use pictures of female artists…models and musicians.

Top row: Jacquelyn Nicolle, Mischa Marie, Jolene Duren, April Irene Fredrickson [lirpalifecom – photographer], Kendall Tobe [ – photographer], Carmageddon, Amy Elizabeth Thompson.

Bottom row: Kas [Serpent & Seraph], Chelsea Sin [Divination of the Damned, Priscila [Cura Cochino], Melissa, Mistress Derlie, Vivian Elsokary.

Next batch will be all dudes! :]



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2 responses to “Round Three of the business cards!

  1. Good looking mexican w/ mustache who plays guitar in Killgasm

    Next batch going to include good looking mexicans? jajaja


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