New project I started…

Last Tuesday, I was at work and realized I didn’t have much planned for the weekend. I didn’t have much money to do much, but I wanted to do some shoots. I thought about how awesome the river looks right now, since it’s been raining. It’s Fall, so there are all sorts of different colored trees.

Then it hit me…I should do shoots with females using things of nature to accessorize themselves! They could wear something as simple as a plain sheet and use whatever they find at the river to make necklaces and such. I was at work, totally daydreaming about it.  I remembered watching an episode of America’s Next Top Model a few years ago where they made outfits out of stuff outside, like leaves. I figured it would be easy to try something along the lines of that! So I posted  on my Facebook about it and found four gals who wanted to shoot! 🙂

I always get so anxious before doing shoots. Nervous. But excited. My first shoot was Saturday morning, with Carma and Ciara. I have worked with both of them before, and their enthusiasm was really motivating me! We had a lot of fun, took amazing pics, got a few funny blooper shots! The crazy part was when they got in the river when it was about 50 something degrees out!

Very soon after that, I did a shoot with Malinda, who I met for the first time! She was lots of fun and we took lots of amazing pics…and got rained on! We also had a freaky old man watching us from his van! Freaking weirdo!

The next day, I did a shoot with Shay…lots of fun! We took some killer pics and also got rained on! So funny…towards the ends, a bunch of geese or ducks or whatever ended up showing up in the background! Sweet!! It just added to the pictures!

I had some much fun with this that I want to make an ongoing project out of it. Maybe even make a book out of it if I gather enough images over time.

I had several fabrics or sheets that the girls used to wrap themselves in, making a sort of Greek goddess kind of dress thing, but some of the girls also brought small little natural-looking dresses to wear in neutral colors, so they fit in perfectly. What I really wanted to capture was simplicity. No fancy clothing, no expensive bling…just something simple with a dash of creativity using things at the river and some wire. Maybe just a couple of props.

Here is what I did this past weekend, and I will be adding more to this as I go…

[Nature Project]

I want to work with more females…models or non-models. Anyone who is enthusiastic about the idea and wants the creative challenge. I can’t wait to do more of these.

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