Live music: Serpent & Seraph and Sentinel Beast

I need to start posting here more often. I see how many visits I get every day…not too many, but enough to know I can’t bore my visitors with my lack of updates. Why not share some images from the most recent show I attended…

I went to see Serpent & Seraph and Sentinel Beast. They went on a mini-tour and I saw them in Livermore. Great show!

Here’s the images from that show:
Serpent & Seraph and Sentinel Beast

The lighting wasn’t sufficient in the venue that I could go without using flash, so I made it work with the flash. I can’t deny the goodness of “big venue lighting”. Ahhhh…

This week, I will be going to San Francisco with friends to see Nachtmystium and Fintroll. I am highly considering not taking pictures there so I can just drink and enjoy the music. I took pictures of Nachtmystium last time I saw them. Not only that, but plenty of other images of them will pop up from other photographers during their tour. I might just chill for these shows. Besides…plenty of local/undeground shows are coming up. I love capturing moments and visually documenting these more obscure events that aren’t experienced by many.

For example…this was quite an evening…
Burnt Ramen 1-8-11

Obviously, only the people there got to experience it. I captured snippets of it with my own “Angel-vision” for all to live vicariously through. I can only hope it intrigues people enough to check out the bands, the venues, or even drop by a local show in their own area to see what they’ve been missing and support what’s going on.

I can be just as antisocial and hermitic as the next person, but there is a whole world of art happening out there. Dig it.

I’ll be looking forward to hitting this up later this month.

If you live in Sacramento, you should definitely go check this out. I’ll be there, taking pics.


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