Things have really slowed down for me this year so far. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life and haven’t been as active as I was last year with my photography. I’ve still been taking pictures at shows, have done a couple modeling shoots, and a band shoot. My thoughts have mainly been on dealing with my personal life these days and, sadly, I have not been able to focus on shoots. I am hoping that will change in due time…sooner than later.

I am way overdue on an entry here, so I might as well write about the few shoots I’ve done so far this year!

I did a shoot with Mischa in March!

I went ahead and uploaded the censored version of it here…but they came out beautiful and I really need to upload some more of these! I have to edit my horrible lighting…hehehe we just did it really quick in her living room and her cat was also running back and forth near her! So funny! But yes, I need to upload some more from this set!

I also did a shoot with Randi Marlene and Meagan Marie! This one was pretty sun, although it was kinda sunny and hot that day! :p

I also need to upload more from this set! This was my first time ever making homemade fake blood! Hella messy!

I also did a band shoot for a local band, Extirpate…you can search for them on Facebook if you are on there.

We just whipped these up really quick…this one came out awesome!

That’s all I have done recently as far as photoshoots. I’ve taken live music pics at shows, and I will have to share some of those at some point. I recently went to Northwestern Black Circle in Portland and got a few decent shots…I couldn’t get that close to the stage. :/ I got a few decent ones at Black Twilight Circle, as well, and I’ll have to post some of those soon. Lot’s of sweet local stuff, too. 🙂

Since I have three days off this weekend, I am open to doing shoots by the river…

Hehehehe I just whipped that flyer up really quick! If you see this, and live in Sacramento, contact me on Facebook if you have questions! Just “like” my photography page in order to leave a comment and I’ll message you. It’s just this weekend because I have lot of other things going on in the upcoming weekends.

I can’t wait to get things in my life situated so I can start doing more shoots! 🙂


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