Another shoot with Carma!

This shoot happened recently, but I have been completely lollygagging in updating here! :/ So much more to write about and upload. I’ve been trying to focus on too many things at once and it’s not working out right! :p

Anyhow…yes…my 9th shoot with Carma, who is pregnant now! Thought I’d post some pics from the shoot!

I thought these came out adorable…and I have more I need to get uploaded, as well! So funny about the first image, there…the first shoot I’ve ever done with her was based on the same idea…a cannibalistic picnic! This is just an updated version and also eating for two! 😉

This was a pretty fun shoot…especially since I hadn’t seen Carma since our last shoot in December! :/ I was amazed at how “all baby” she is…slender as could be and a big ol’ baby belly! Adorable! We had fun catching up and laughing, and went to Fresh Choice after the shoot to catch up some more.

She never runs out of creative ideas and I am looking forward to making art with her many more times. ❤


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