Some updates!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted here in a while. I have had some free time on my hands these days and plan on more updates. I am paying for my dot com, so I might as well be utilizing it! So…updates…

DODSFERD! Dodsferd from Greece recently had a show here, along with some other great bands. I did take a bunch of pictures. I used my Canon, with it’s crappy broken lens…and I also used my little point and shoot. I know it’s best not to use flash at shows, but if I don’t have a good enough lens, I am not going to just pass up the opportunity to take pictures. And I will keep doing so until the day I can afford to get a good lens.

For the rest of the pictures, click HERE.

I have been taking a whole lot of black & white at shows this year…takes a lot of editing , so I sometimes take a while to have them all uploaded.

I have also done a shoot recently with MINENWERFER.

FYI…I’ve linked to the Myspace band page. I know most people don’t use Myspace anymore, including myself. However, you can listen to music there and if you want to know more info or find out about shows, you will be able to find a way.

I also did a shoot not too long ago with the guys from CHRONAEXUS/SLAUGHTERBOX. Same guys, different sounding music.

If you haven’t noticed, middle guy in the Minenwerfer picture is the same as the right guy in the Chronaexus/Slaughterbox picture. He thought he’d switch up the facial hair and change things up a bit for the pics. Hehehe.

Another noteworthy picture I have taken recently…

Emperor K. Slaughter of KILLGASM/ROTTEN FUNERAL does a lot of the inverted crosses during his sets, and it’s a rare occasion that I don’t catch any of them at all. I thought this one looked pretty tight!

I am also very stoked with the local bands who have used my photography in their CDs/cassettes. This makes me extra happy. Especially since I still, to this day, do not have any published work from my modeling photography. I don’t know why that is. Maybe because I have not been trying hard enough or my work just isn’t that commercial. Oh well, whatever… ;p

Speaking of modeling photography…I honestly fell off the wagon this year. Especially compared to what I did last year. Not gonna lie…life distractions. I will be getting back into it very soon, though. I am going to try to keep them simple as far as what I spend on props and such, since I have been a broke-ass these days. If I am creative enough, I can make the shoots happen without a bunch of extra crap. I’ll be doing modeling shoots soon…and after what I have been through in my life this year, I will utilize a whole new set of inspirations and emotions. I will be looking forward to working with models who will make this happen with me.

One more thing. I don’t like that banner I made up there. It looks weak and blurry. I need to make another one.


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