Back on track!

After having such a hiatus on doing modeling shoots this year, I am happy to say that I have freed myself of other distractions and am going to start applying myself again. A lot of it had to do with my finances not allowing me to spend money on props and stuff…but if I am able to keep it simple, I think I will be okay.

So yesterday I did a shoot with Tammy Kupcake…so awesome. Her friends have a hearse that we were able to incorporate into the shoot. It was supposed to rain, but it turned out being sunny. Too much sun always causes me problems, but yesterday I think it really worked to my advantage!

The rest can be viewed HERE.

I will be uploading more of these soon. I totally enjoyed working with Tammy…totally nice person and I was very stoked with her wardrobe and make up…her look went well with the whole hearse thing!

I am going to be planning more shoots soon, especially with people I have been discussing plans with for quite some time. I have a whole lot of pics from shows I need to work on, a shoot with Nunfuck coming up on the 18th, and I also need to write about a recent shoot I was a part of and was on the other side of the lens! More entries coming soon!



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2 responses to “Back on track!

  1. Nice to see you’re back in action!

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