My camera needs a “tune up”.

Okay, first I had my lens start acting up, now my camera is misbehaving. I can still use it, but it makes things much more difficult and more room for errors! Annoying! My plan is to take it to a camera shop to get one of those camera tune-ups that I hear about…and have never done before. Hopefully that fixes the problem. Either way, it is probably a good time to save for a new camera. I have had mine for a few years and have abused it! All those times splashing beer on it at On the Y….hehehehe!

Anyhow, I won’t be bringing this camera to shows till I get this fixed. The issues I am having with it would make it too difficult. But I have been using my little point and shoot at shows! Things don’t come out bad at all for the style I like to do.




Speaking of Nunfuck, I did a shoot with then. I have more pictures that I need to edit and upload, but here is a picture:

This shoot was fun…the guys cracked me up and the models were quite awesome! Everyone made it work and had fun. Joseph did an amazing job at decorating everything. I always love the detail he puts into everything.

I also did a sort of last minute shoot with Plague Widow, who I still have yet to see! They have a show coming up at On the Y on Friday, March 9th. This is the flyer:

This is a BuriedInHell flyer, by the way…click the name to check out the very affordable online store for underground metal and punk goodies.

Anyhow…the last minute shoot with Plague Widow…I kinda got there when the sun was going down and I needed to make some lighting happen. I snapped this of them on the back porch area, near some light.

Hal of Rotting Graphics is in this band and has make some awesome artwork for it. He was able to salvage my low lighting situation with this image and make it look awesome.

Well…I will continue updates soon. I still have to write about a shoot I did with another photographer friend of mine, a couple modeling shoots, and some more live music captures! I promise I will write more soon.


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