New idea I have…

First I wanted to start off by saying…that problem I had with my camera with it not being able to focus…HAHAHA I just needed to adjust a dial! I told another photographer friend about it and he told me about the dial! I don’t know what I would do without my photographer friends! :]

Anyways, I have been keeping busy these days and just not having time to post things and write about them. I’ll be making more time for that…and I do have a lot of stuff to post and catch up on.

One new thing I want to start doing is doing little interviews with artist friends and photographing them. I’ll start with an example of this soon…

Here’s a picture of a shoot I did with Mischa! I need to upload more of these!


Also, I am back on Model Mayhem, open to doing shoots with people I have never worked with before. I am hoping to find people who share the same artistic visions.



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2 responses to “New idea I have…

  1. Ohhhh I wanna little interview/shoot dealy! You rock woman!

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