Another sick photo op…April 6th.

This is going to be fun…

I didn’t photograph those pictures, but I did make the flyer! This is the second version of this flyer that I’ve made and this one is mostly for the amusement of those who know the story behind it. I’m expecting this evening to be insanely fun! Embodied Torment is a newer band that really impressed me when I first saw them and they continue to slay! Fiends At Feast is also sick…I have not seen them since last October. They are from the Bay area and my friend Tony is in that band…it will be good to see him again! I have not seen Azathoth in a few years…maybe 2008?? I enjoyed them when I last seen them, but I believe they have changed the line-up some. I’m excited to see them now. I haven’t seen Chronaexus so far this year and they are definitely one of my faves, so I’m stoked to see them.

And then there’s the battle between Killgasm and Nunfuck, two bands, one stage! I’m sure I will be wasted by the time they get on stage, so my neck will be hurting from headbanging and my stomach will be hurting from laughing too hard. I can’t wait to see what happens this time. Also, since it’s the weekend of Easter, I hear talk of a basket in which used tampons can be offered. I think this should happen so I can photograph it.

If you read my last post, I was talking about photographing and interviewing random artists or odd people. I might attempt to do that with the winner of this. I think that’s the inspiration I need right now. Matter of fact, I am so anxious to start that project, I am gonna start this weekend! I don’t know with who…but I will pick someone! Stoked…


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