I have plans…

Well, I renewed the subscription to my dot com for another year, as well as updated the look of it a wee bit. It’s still not as fancy as most other peoples photography sites…but again, mine is in the form of a blog. And I also don’t see myself spending hella money on a website when I need new lenses and such!

Anyways…I renewed my subscription just in time for new projects to come. I am back on Model Mayhem again, looking for artists to model for me. I say artists, because I am not looking for boring boobie-butt girls with no creativity that just want to pump me for concepts because they don’t have any good ones. I’m sorry, people…not trying to be an ass…but don’t expect TF work from me if you aren’t driven by art. I don’t care if you are new at modeling and have no portfolio…just bring some creativity to the table! Enough ranting about that…

Anyhow, I am starting on my photograph/interview project very soon! This project is for artists, and people who do odd and unusual things. I have already snapped some pictures of my first person I will be interviewing…and I will be meeting with a second person tomorrow! I will be gathering a collection of questions for them to be sent via message so they can reply at their convenience. The pictures I take of them won’t be so much a “photoshoot”, but they will be more like a few candids.

Why am I doing this project? There are so many artists around me and so many people who enjoy art and life. I want it brought out in the open. My life is rich from the art in this world and I think people need to enjoy it and the world around them. This isn’t about me.

Stay tuned! First interview with pics will be posted in due time. Just been so busy these days!


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3 responses to “I have plans…

  1. I really wish you were closer so we could do a shoot!

  2. Kimberly

    I am exited to see what you are working on!!

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    R.C. Murphy, if I ever go to your area, it’s on!! 😀

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