The first interview!

Before I get started, I have to give a little history on how this photograph/interview thing got started.

I was having some drinks with some friends and was a bit intoxicated. I was talking to Terry, who is the first person I have interviewed! That night, I somehow got the idea that I wanted to write about her great bar adventures! Over a year ago, she started somewhat of a “picture a day” project called “Stuck In a Cubicle”. Many mutual friends on Facebook follow the pictures she uploads everyday at work involving small character toys and whatnots with various backgrounds, which have included show flyers, band artwork, drawings, and such. She always puts them together so creatively and witty, that it has attracted a lot of attention.

She eventually started another picture folder where she’d upload a picture of every bar she visits…and she visit’s a LOT of bars! She titled the picture folder, “Bars That I’ve Known”…and by “known”, she means she actually spent time inside and drank of it’s nectar…not just walked by and took a picture of the bar. The pictures are of either the neon sign or whatever sign the bar has available outside. As of today, she has the photograph of 149 bars in the picture folder since she’s started the collection!

Well, when I was at the party with her that night, I suddenly felt the need to document it in my own little way. I suggested an interview about it! And I wanted to also take photographs of her, enjoying one of her favorite pastimes! That idea spawned off into an idea about doing this sort of thing on a larger scale. I want to do this with artists and any other people who do interesting and unusual things. And so because of that night, this is a new project of mine! Thank you for the inspiration, Terry!

The day I photographed Terry, we met for some coffee and drank a whole lot of it. It was a sunny day and our goal was to have some drinks in a few bars in Midtown. I knew this would involve me catching quite a buzz, because drinking with Terry is always a challenge for me! I am still puzzled at how she can drink like a horse and keep her composure! I always refer to her as the female version of the “Dos Equis” guy! πŸ™‚ We started off having a Bloody Mary…


Tell me a little about “Bars That I’ve Known”…what inspired you to start documenting your visits?

It was an idea that kept coming up for a while. I like that bars are one of the last businesses that haven’t been entirely taken over by corporate chains. There are so many different places to go. It just made sense to start keeping track.

If you had the chance to “know a bar” anywhere in the world, where are a few places you’d love to visit?

I figure I need to go to the metal bars in Oslo, like Unholy and Rock In. And stateside, I think New Orleans looks like a fun city to go drinking in.

Let’s talk booze! What’s the most unusual or interesting drink you’ve ever been served at a bar?

By the time I get to “unusual and interesting”, the memory usually starts failing. I got something three feet tall and blue at Dawson’s in Dixon. And at Cafe Bernardo in Davis, I got something boozy and delicious that came with the straw full of 151.

How about the best drink you’ve ever enjoyed at a bar?

Dr. Livingston’s in Bergen made the best Irish coffee. Whiskey, coffee, whipped cream, and instead of sugar, you got a stick of rock candy to stir it with. It was wonderful.

Other than your usual vodka-cran, what are some other drinks you order regularly?

Vodka cranberry is the default drink. I also enjoy a good Bloody Mary, made from scratch, no bottled mix. And Fanny Ann’s Saloon has a drink called the 319, which I usually get when I’m there.

What are some other activities or hobbies you enjoy?

I’m a huge live music junkie, which overlaps nicely with drinking. I also collect comic books and toys, and travel as much as possible.

What is the average amount of bars you usually visit during a pub crawl?

I think it has to be at least 3 to qualify as a pub crawl. I’ve hit as many as 7 or 8 in a night.

What are some of the things you do to prepare yourself for a long night of bar-hopping?

Eat food! The booze sponge is important. And plot a course, I try to avoid things like karaoke or paying cover charges for a dj.

Tell me some of your favorite local spots. Do you have any you prefer for sources of entertainment? How about a place to just have a few drinks and relax?

On the Y is a favorite, you can reliably see a metal show there, and Jandy is a great bartender. Blue Lamp is good for shows, although it sucks you can’t go in and out. As far as just going for a drink, I like Old Tavern. It’s close by, inexpensive, and usually not too crowded. Round Corner is a good one too. And while it’s not walking distance, On the Y is another one I’ll go to, even when there’s not a show. Also, The Hideaway, good drink prices, decent jukebox, tasty garlic fries.

What is the link of the website that one might go to follow your “Bars That I’ve Known”?

So there it is…the first interview! πŸ™‚ I spent a few hours with Terry and decided I better get home while I was still okay to drive and still be able to get things done around the house. I got home and pretty much flopped myself on my bed and took a nap. πŸ™‚

Thanks again, Terry! πŸ™‚



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  1. raymondahner

    Very cool that you are finding ways to remain creative!

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