Haven’t done anything.

I know I always say I am going to post more and I have plans and ideas coming up, but I haven’t done a damn thing lately. I am ashamed to even admit how backed up I am on edits and getting pics from shows uploaded. It’s pretty ridiculous. My personal live has been very busy these days. I have just moved and haven’t really put a dent in my unpacking. I still have the other place to clean up before I am finished there. Photography has been on hold until I can commit to getting things done on time, or very close to it. My computer is finally set up, but mine doesn’t have internet on it yet.
When I get caught up, I would like to come through with some ideas I have had in mind for shooting. When the time is right, I will be able to grow more and dabble in different things. I also want to jump back into the interview things I was doing. I am tired of having mediocre gear…or lack of gear. I want to invest in lights, lenses, and even a new camera. Kind of hard when you don’t have extra hundreds of dollars laying around. I am looking forward to working with new models and even some of my regulars. Speaking of that, two of my closest models and friends will be living in the same city…and this means more shoots and more fun times! Mischa will soon be joining Carma and I here in Sacramento! I am delighted at all the opportunities she will have to work with some of my photographer friends! Carma, as well…and I know she is very busy with her family and year old daughter…but she has been oozing with great ideas just waiting to come to life! I’m looking forward to the fun times we will have since we will be living in the same area. There has even been talk about the three of us collaborating to create a shoot special, which other models can take advantage of. Both girls have great make-up, hair, and wardrobe skills, as well as assistance in posing. We can do pin-up and alternative looks. This, of course, will be in the works as soon as myself, and Mischa, are both settled in with our moving. This might take a while, but plans are brewing!

This is from the first shoot I did with both of them together! Too much fun…

I remember when we first did this shoot and uploaded these, there were some green monsters out there who reported the images on Facebook! Too bad for those envious turds! 😉 This set did ooze with sauciness!

Anyways…I guess this is all for now. Consider this a non-official hiatus until I get my priorities in order and get caught up. 😉

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