Latest things…

I just thought I’d add some latest additions on here instead of waiting another month or two.

For starters, I did a quick shoot with Chronaexus yesterday! We took some pictures outside, but we also came up on the option to take a few pics inside a small room with a lamp in it.

I added their logo to it! Chronaexus has written some new material since A Tempest of Reticence, which was released last year. Bret Tardiff of Minenwerfer has joined them on bass. If you live in or around Sac, there’s a show coming up that you shouldn’t miss!

(click to see a larger size)

Also, here are some pics from my shoot with Carma and Ciara that I finally got done working on…and I was lagging considering this was from May!!!

There are much more of these and will all be uploaded to my Facebook photography page. The concept is something Carma approached me with…Stepford Wives! Chicks that smile in your face and hate you behind your back! There were some pretty funny moments during this shoot!
When I get some free time, I will be creating a flyer that reflects the new change in my rates for modeling shoots, and also another flyer for the special project I am working on. As always, I will reserve TF shoots for my regulars, those involved in particular creations of mine, or models who I feel very compatible with on a creative level.


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