Yes, I’m backed up again, what’s new…

I just have to laugh about it now. I guess I’ll post a few things.

Click HERE to see pictures from a show last August which Rotten Funeral Headlined. Here’s an image from that…and remember to click these images to see a larger version.


Those are quite late, and I do have more from last year I still need to upload. I have some recent ones available to view from this past Friday. Click HERE to see all the pictures from Arioch and the Malefactor’s birthday show. There were a few surprises there…



I have a whole lot of pics I still need to upload, but I keep backing myself up even more. 🙂

I did a great shoot with Carma & Ciara involving different sets. Here’s a few from that…



I took some black & whites of them…Carma and I finally did our Mommie Dearest shoot we’ve planned for so long. And I did my first alt shoot with Ciara! There’s much more in due time. 🙂

I’ll post more stuff soon!

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