New project in mind.

I decided on a new project and I am super stoked about it! Before I provide details, I just want to update on a few things.

I recently went to Stella Natura and took a lot of pictures there. The second day was interrupted by bad weather, so I resumed my picture taking the third day. A lot of the pictures came out great, but some of them were more for documentation. My challenges were taller people standing in front of me and the sunlight fading away. I chose not to use my flash, and since my lens is mediocre, I had to deal with lighting issues. The pics still came out nice, though, and they may be viewed here. It also includes the pictures I took at the pre-festival in Nevada City.

I had another awesome photo sesh when Sacrament Ov Impurity came to town. They were joined by Xenotaph, The Witching Hour, and it was also Torture Chamber’s first show. You may see the pics here.

I want to take a moment to remind all musicians I photograph that I can provide large files of the pictures I take at shows if needed for album art, websites, press kits, or whatever. Just e-email me at with information on the photo set you need. If I don’t reply soon, message me on my Facebook page, Angelize Photography. I have noticed a few important e-mails made their way to my spam folder, and I want to make sure you can reach me, so heads up on that.

Here is one taken at Warmaggedon of Loki from Fiends At Feast!


I will try to add the rest of the set on my Flickr soon. I still have a lot of photo sets that I need to catch up on, and that will happen eventually. My personal life has kept me quite busy.

As for modeling shoots, I do have some things lined up that I am excited about. Most of them are waiting on more items needed for the shoot or a date to be made. I don’t like rushing things, so this is fine.

I came up with an idea for a photo series project. I have recently discovered the existence of these very old fabric masks and started collecting them to use for shoots. I know very little about these particular masks. They are said to be from the 1930’s-1950’s and I have also read they are made my Ben Cooper, however I am unsure if that information is accurate. I am also unsure of these variety of masks come from the same maker. They are so unique and amazing that I have been buying them here and there to save for shoots. I decided to make a series of them. The complete creepiness of them go perfectly with my style. I have even decided to use some concepts I had for other shoots and mesh them together with a mask to include in this series because the ideas work well together.

The magic of this photo series is I will not only be including models! I want to include friends of all shapes, sizes, age, whatnot. This includes males! Wardrobe will be discussed based on the idea for the particular mask, and masks will be available depending on what I currently own and what I am able to obtain moving forward. Modeling experience is not a must, but the usage of body language and the understanding of what I am trying to capture, is.

I can’t wait to see where things lead to with these mask shoots. One of the masks is already spoken for and I cannot wait to shoot and upload the first example! One of the reason I love these masks, and masks in general, is I am a sucker for mystery. Some of the images from this series will be different from others in various ways, but they will all definitely look related. If you have ever seen Begotten by E. Elias Merhige, you will see a hint of how I am inspired by that in this series, which I’m gonna call Hollow Shell. 🙂


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