Details on my hiatus.

I have mentioned on both Facebook and Model Mayhem that I am taking a hiatus and I’ve also had people ask me about it, so I thought I would write a little about it. There are a few people that I have discussed shooting with prior to my decision to go on hiatus, and I am still committed to shooting with them when the time comes. They do not need to worry about me backing out on them because of this hiatus. And “hiatus” does not mean I won’t be doing photography whatsoever. I am setting some time aside for myself to focus on a few other things and personal projects. 

Most photographers and models already know that some shoots require some funds to be spent on them. Props, accessories, liquids, textures, backdrops, stuff like that. I’ve done shoots where I’ve brought nothing at all with me, but I have also done shoots where I’ve purchased things to make the look happen. Doing this can lead to a very rewarding end result! I enjoy getting what I need to create beautiful images. My car really needs a little TLC right now, and this hiatus might help me save a little. I’ve been trying to cut back on extra spending, especially since this is a slower time of the year for me at work.

Another reason I am taking a break is because I am really backed up in my edits. Mainly live music images. I have folders from shows I attended in 2012 that still have yet to see the Internets. I’m sure the bands and fans will be happy to see them when I finally get them uploaded, but I wish I didn’t take some long. I used to be really good about getting sets uploaded in a timely manner, but I completely lost it at some point. Sorry. I want to catch up and also be able to revisit some of the sets I have done with models and give some of those unseen gems the attention they deserve.

Another thing I would like to mention is where my mind is at with my art. I am first, and foremost, an artist. In addition to photography, I love to paint, I love to draw, I love to make things. Sometimes I feel bound to my photography. I would like to spend time in other areas before I fall more out of touch with them. I have had an affordable modeling shoot deal for a few years now. It’s an extremely rare occasion that I ever make money from doing photography. I still have yet to see any of my work published. I heard I have been in one zine, but I have never physically seen it. The only thing I have seen is CDs of local bands who feature my work, and I am extremely grateful. But, no, I don’t really make money off photography at all. Maybe once a year I will get a paid shoot. With that being said, I can’t honestly say I can consider myself a “service”. I am an artist and want to create art with my own perspective. I want to work with people who call on me because they enjoy the way I see and capture things. I work very well with people who are compatible with me on creative levels.

I have been trying to mold my portfolio into something that reflects my style of art. During my hiatus, I am going to be sketching out ideas. I have a project in mind and I will be working on it in my spare time. They will not be “modeling shoots”, they will simply be conceptual. I have friends who are eager to help me with this project, and all I require from them is body language and an understanding of my vision. This will all be done in my spare time, no pressure, no expectations. I am very excited to start this project and have art to show for it.

If anyone is interested in shooting with me, I suggest you send me an e-mail. I am on hiatus, but depending on my availability, concept, distance, etc., I may be available or at least keep you in mind for when my hiatus is over.

This is really all I have to say for now. I haven’t really updated my Model Mayhem much, and I need to at some point. I do a lot of updates on Facebook. It’s Autumn and I plan on taking a lot of pictures. Just not so much “shoots”. Just doing my own thing.

Before I go, I want to share a picture I took recently at a shoot with Reine Kaos. She asked me to do a fae type shoot with her a while back and we finally met to do it. She had me meet her in Penryn in a forest type area. It was really pretty and we had a bit of an adventure. Anyways we took quite a few pictures and she had a few different looks going on. I want to work on that set more when I get free time, but this is one of my favorites from it!
ImageShe is very fun to work with, and I would like to consider her one of my regulars, hoping that we’ll do much more art in the future!

This is all for now, e-mail me if you have any questions.


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