Taking a hiatus for who knows how long.

To be honest, I lost some interest in doing photography. Less fulfilling and no time for it. So I’m stopping for now. Not forever.

This was slowly building up, as I started doing less modeling shoots. I started shooting with friends only and didn’t even make the time to come forward with as many edits as the sets deserved. I hate sitting at my desk for a long period of time now. Can’t stand it. Even the sets I did of live music are extremely backed up. I have twenty folders on my desktop that need to be edited, some from 2012. I haven’t even been bringing my camera to shows lately. Got tired of dragging that fat camera loaf around. Any my apologies to everyone waiting on these.

My goal is to finish those before I take on anything new. I may be tempted to take my camera to certain shows, just depends how I feel at the time. I do plan on taking more pictures of what ever interests me, but mainly adventure documentations, like trips to the river, hiking, or certain gatherings with friends.

As for my shifts in interests, I have taken up obstacle course races and have been training for them almost every day. That’s my new excitement in life. I might possibly do some volunteer photography for some of the races I don’t partake in. Some volunteer work for those events get free or discounted registration for future events, so that’s something I’d be interested in.

Anyways…until next time, keep looking on my Facebook page for some of these long awaited photo sets from shows I photographed. And sorry I lag.


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