Ye Olde Canon Rebel Xsi is BROKEN!

I did one last shoot with Mischa and Carma using this camera. I have mostly been on a hiatus, doing other things of interest in my life. Even though I wasn’t using my camera much, I still don’t like that it is broken. I did abuse the hell out of that thing, I must admit that. Here are two of images taken from the last shoot this camera ever partook in:


More will be posted on my Facebook page when I have time.

I do plan on getting a new camera. With the new camera, I will change a lot of the ways I have done photography. I reflect back on when I first started and what things I experienced and learned up to now. Again, I no longer wish to be a service. Just an artist. I want to create art. Unless it’s collaborating with close friends, I want it to be art straight from my own mind. No more meeting people from Model Mayhem that are not on the same page as me. Although it gained me experience, I have had little luck on finding people who are on the same page. I grew as an artist and that’s basically the direction I want to go.

I also have a new thing I want to try with my prints, as well. I cannot wait to do that. I still have many sets from shows and shoots that I need to get finished. I am just too distracted these days, my interests are elsewhere.

I’m still on hiatus, but don’t worry, I’m still very much alive.


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