The Long Hiatus.

Yeah, I haven’t updated in about a year. But I’m not gone. My creative juices still flow, but I’m waiting. I still don’t have a good camera. I’ve taken my crappy point and shoot to shows and photograph for documentation purposes, but nothing great looking.

I could buy another camera in the near future, but I probably won’t. My funds are going elsewhere. I’d simply like to get a used version of what I had before. I’m not ready to afford anything fancy. I just want something to work with. But even a used version of what I had costs around the same to pay for my registration to the world championship Spartan Race in Tahoe, and that’s more important to me.

But I am not done with photography by any means. You may all forget about me now, but you’ll remember me when I return. I’ll be washing away my former ways and return to create the art I was meant to create. No more settling for less, no more modeling shoots that look like senior portraits, no more freebie band shoots without proper creativity invested, no more wasting time. I’ve done things in the past that I’ve put more time into than I was pleased with the end result. That’s not happening now anymore. Being a service to anyone isn’t worth my time. I don’t care if I get offered money to do a shoot. If it doesn’t feed me artistically, I’m not interested. That, I’ve learned.

Until then, I’m gonna work on uploading pictures from shows taken with my crap camera. They’ll be on my Facebook. It’s taken me so long to do anything with them, I hope I remember what shows they are from.



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