I have another Canon again, but…

I just want to point out a few important things.

First…I do have a camera again, but will not be diving into photography that quickly. I have a lot of past work I need to catch up on. I also don’t have much free time on my hands. I have a tiny handful of people that I do want to work with already, mostly personal friends…but not ready to take on more at this time.

Second…after my year long hiatus, I want to return as an artist only. NOT a service. My time is valuable and I’d rather focus on what feeds me artistically than simply being a photographer for other people’s ideas that I don’t even share an artistic vision for. Money “might” talk if it’s worth my time.

Third…this somewhat ties in with the last paragraph. No family portraits, No maternity pics, No glamour, No fashion, No weddings, No cliche conventional anything, No freebie band shoots, list goes on.
If you’re a close personal friend or an artist who sought me out because we agree artistically, I can bend these No’s.

My time away has caused me to rethink the time I invested into my art in the past, and I’m doing things my way now.


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