Information for Bands

Hey! I just wanted to put all this information in one central location so it’s easy to provide it at anytime for anyone who asks.

You’re more than welcomed to use the pictures I take for whatever you like!

I know my Flickr gallery doesn’t make it easy to save individual images unless you have the app. Not super convenient, I know. The easiest way for you to save images is to download the whole photo album. Scroll to the bottom for instructions.

If you have Facebook, check my photography page: Angelize Photography. I most likely uploaded the pictures there, too.

Alternatively, I can send you all your images via Dropbox if you provide your email.

The images I share online have all been resized. If you ever need the original full sized versions, contact me.

FYI, the pictures are usually pretty dark if I don’t use my flash, unless the stage lighting is good and you’re standing in it. My lens isn’t that great.

How to download photo albums from my gallery:

Be sure you’re on the page that shows the albums. Find the one you’d like to download and click on it…

Once you’ve clicked on the album you’d like to download, you will want to locate this icon and click on it.

The following screen will pop up and allow you to create a zip file for downloading. You can do this on your phone, but a computer may be best if a large amount of images are being downloaded.

I know it sounds like a lot of steps, but easy once you figure it out. Remember I can put them on Dropbox for you if that’s easier.