Model Shoot Info

ATTENTION!!! Due to Covid, I will not be scheduling any new shoots until further notice. I will only do projects with close friends, socially distanced.

Please read all of my information here if you are interested in working with me. If you have a question about something I didn’t address here, you may e-mail me at:
Model: Oodie – 2013

When seeking models for photo shoots, I use the term “model” very loosely. I really don’t care if you are an actual model or about your portfolio, or any of that. I only care if you are capable of making art with yourself.

*I am only interested in odd, mysterious, and haunting themed photo shoots. I am not interested in doing pin up, fashion, or the “Hot Topic alternative look” genres.

*I am not paying anyone. This is only for trade. You get images for your work, I get images for mine.

*I will supply you with all of the images from the shoot and you may pick three that I will edit for you.

*I am available weekends and possibly weekday evenings. But keep in mind that I don’t have any lighting equipment and I rely on natural light!

*I don’t like to shoot on short notice unless I have the free time and the props needed for the shoot, if any. I request ample time prior so we can cover all details and set a date that works for both of us.

*When discussing our plans to shoot, I prefer it be via e-mail so I may look back on our archived discussion and keep the details of our plans in order. You can’t do that over a phone conversation. I am also not a huge fan of texting an entire conversation.

*If we have a shoot booked and you cancel last minute, I may be reluctant to reschedule.

*I don’t provide a hairdresser, MUA, or wardrobe person unless we’ve discussed otherwise.

*If we are doing a shoot based around nature or vague time era, I prefer the absence of modern clothing and accessories for the sake of the image.  Let’s talk about wardrobe in detail to see how we can make this work.

*I don’t want to shoot anything that resembles senior portraits.

*No model release forms. I won’t be using any of the images commercially.

*Escorts are just fine as long as they don’t interfere. I may, however, put them to work.

*I ALWAYS check the weather forecast when I have a shoot set. I won’t shoot if it’s deathly hot outside.

*I don’t like traveling too far out of town.

*Again, I don’t own lighting equipment. Natural light is needed.

*No animal blood, fur, or flesh.


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