I want to care again.

I just want to start fresh, like everything prior was just practice for what I was meant to do. Sure, I did some things in the past that I am still proud of. But I just want to start new.

Maybe I will make a short term goal of nature shoots. And a new logo. Okay, maybe not a new logo, but a first logo. I’ve never had one.


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I have another Canon again, but…

I just want to point out a few important things.

First…I do have a camera again, but will not be diving into photography that quickly. I have a lot of past work I need to catch up on. I also don’t have much free time on my hands. I have a tiny handful of people that I do want to work with already, mostly personal friends…but not ready to take on more at this time.

Second…after my year long hiatus, I want to return as an artist only. NOT a service. My time is valuable and I’d rather focus on what feeds me artistically than simply being a photographer for other people’s ideas that I don’t even share an artistic vision for. Money “might” talk if it’s worth my time.

Third…this somewhat ties in with the last paragraph. No family portraits, No maternity pics, No glamour, No fashion, No weddings, No cliche conventional anything, No freebie band shoots, list goes on.
If you’re a close personal friend or an artist who sought me out because we agree artistically, I can bend these No’s.

My time away has caused me to rethink the time I invested into my art in the past, and I’m doing things my way now.

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The Long Hiatus.

Yeah, I haven’t updated in about a year. But I’m not gone. My creative juices still flow, but I’m waiting. I still don’t have a good camera. I’ve taken my crappy point and shoot to shows and photograph for documentation purposes, but nothing great looking.

I could buy another camera in the near future, but I probably won’t. My funds are going elsewhere. I’d simply like to get a used version of what I had before. I’m not ready to afford anything fancy. I just want something to work with. But even a used version of what I had costs around the same to pay for my registration to the world championship Spartan Race in Tahoe, and that’s more important to me.

But I am not done with photography by any means. You may all forget about me now, but you’ll remember me when I return. I’ll be washing away my former ways and return to create the art I was meant to create. No more settling for less, no more modeling shoots that look like senior portraits, no more freebie band shoots without proper creativity invested, no more wasting time. I’ve done things in the past that I’ve put more time into than I was pleased with the end result. That’s not happening now anymore. Being a service to anyone isn’t worth my time. I don’t care if I get offered money to do a shoot. If it doesn’t feed me artistically, I’m not interested. That, I’ve learned.

Until then, I’m gonna work on uploading pictures from shows taken with my crap camera. They’ll be on my Facebook. It’s taken me so long to do anything with them, I hope I remember what shows they are from.


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Ye Olde Canon Rebel Xsi is BROKEN!

I did one last shoot with Mischa and Carma using this camera. I have mostly been on a hiatus, doing other things of interest in my life. Even though I wasn’t using my camera much, I still don’t like that it is broken. I did abuse the hell out of that thing, I must admit that. Here are two of images taken from the last shoot this camera ever partook in:


More will be posted on my Facebook page when I have time.

I do plan on getting a new camera. With the new camera, I will change a lot of the ways I have done photography. I reflect back on when I first started and what things I experienced and learned up to now. Again, I no longer wish to be a service. Just an artist. I want to create art. Unless it’s collaborating with close friends, I want it to be art straight from my own mind. No more meeting people from Model Mayhem that are not on the same page as me. Although it gained me experience, I have had little luck on finding people who are on the same page. I grew as an artist and that’s basically the direction I want to go.

I also have a new thing I want to try with my prints, as well. I cannot wait to do that. I still have many sets from shows and shoots that I need to get finished. I am just too distracted these days, my interests are elsewhere.

I’m still on hiatus, but don’t worry, I’m still very much alive.

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Taking a hiatus for who knows how long.

To be honest, I lost some interest in doing photography. Less fulfilling and no time for it. So I’m stopping for now. Not forever.

This was slowly building up, as I started doing less modeling shoots. I started shooting with friends only and didn’t even make the time to come forward with as many edits as the sets deserved. I hate sitting at my desk for a long period of time now. Can’t stand it. Even the sets I did of live music are extremely backed up. I have twenty folders on my desktop that need to be edited, some from 2012. I haven’t even been bringing my camera to shows lately. Got tired of dragging that fat camera loaf around. Any my apologies to everyone waiting on these.

My goal is to finish those before I take on anything new. I may be tempted to take my camera to certain shows, just depends how I feel at the time. I do plan on taking more pictures of what ever interests me, but mainly adventure documentations, like trips to the river, hiking, or certain gatherings with friends.

As for my shifts in interests, I have taken up obstacle course races and have been training for them almost every day. That’s my new excitement in life. I might possibly do some volunteer photography for some of the races I don’t partake in. Some volunteer work for those events get free or discounted registration for future events, so that’s something I’d be interested in.

Anyways…until next time, keep looking on my Facebook page for some of these long awaited photo sets from shows I photographed. And sorry I lag.

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Change is needed.

I am extremely close to getting a new camera. I have had the same Canon Rebel Xsi since 2008. It’s still alive and kicking, but I know I need to upgrade and let the old one function as a back up, or to use at shows. This old camera has brought me much joy, creativity, and exploration. I look back on my old work and how I have learned so much since I first got that camera.

Getting this new camera will mark a new change for my photography. In that past, I have offered photo shoot specials for paid shoots. I have bartered photo shoots with people. I’ve done some shoots outside of my preferred artistic genre…I was pleased with some, others I wasn’t. Some of those shoots had almost nothing to do with a creative vision of my own, leaving me feeling like time was wasted. Model Mayhem has worked well for me most of the time, but it’s not so easy for me to find people that click with me on a creative level these days. Just like most artists who have collaborated with others, you sometimes get a vision that, once mixed with another persons, it doesn’t look so much like what you originally visualized any more.

Moving forward, I do not wish to offer myself as a service. I don’t want to rent myself out for weddings, baby bump or kiddy pictures. I don’t want to offer paid shoots to inexperienced models who look like scenester kids so they can have pictures to upload on Facebook. I’m not going to throw a concept out there to have someone butcher it and distort the outcome. All I want is to be an artist. I have been sketching out many of my ideas these days, and I want to use them to completely customize my visions so I know my subjects are clear. I’m not going to seek out models to shoot with me. I have friends who already understand my mind and are perfectly capable collaborating with me on projects I have in store for this path I’m on. No glamour or fashion. Just grit and fucked up shit. No compromising anymore.

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Lluvia – Premonicion De Guerra

Back in March of this year, I did a shoot with Lord Vast of Lluvia in the forest to be used in his album Premonicion De Guerra. As much as it was an honor to photograph him for this, my main excitement would be to receive a copy of this album! I finally received a copy today and am mindblown! I do recommend you purchase a copy of this album through Fallen Empire Records. The album and packaging is beautiful and it also features three images from my shoot with Lord Vast. I ordered two copies…one for myself and one to RAFFLE on my photography page Angelize Photography…so please stay posted on your chance to WIN this amazing album.


This image may not be used (stolen) for any website UNLESS proper credits are applied.

Artist: Lord Vast/Lluvia

Label: Fallen Empire Records

Photography: Angelize Photography.

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