“Just the right amount of dog shit.”

I finally did another photo shoot with Mischa after roughly four years. Mischa and I met ten years ago and did our first shoot together, and we did many more following that. My last shoot with her was in 2014 and my old camera finally broke. I took a long hiatus, and she took a hiatus from modeling as well. But we whipped something together recently because I missed shooting and wanted some content to put on my newly renovated website. And I really just missed shooting with Mischa.

Even though we both felt we’d be a bit rusty, she didn’t miss a beat at all! And as always, there were humorous moments. Let me tell you a bit about it.

We simply used clothing and supplies I had here at the house. Since we knew we’d be using the backyard, my guy had to clean up some dog shit. His dogs have an all access pass to piss and shit all over the backyard, so we definitely wanted to avoid encountering any of that. Another thing we had to deal with was the sun. The temperature slowly rising and the sun would eventually be a bit too bright to shoot without having to navigate around harsh light. The best idea was to get up and start shooting when the sun had just risen, but we weren’t trying to get up that early.

We had a really fun time shooting! One we started getting into things, my guy walked out back to ask if there was too much dog shit in the yard. She replied, “Just the right amount of dog shit!” I happened to snap a picture of her when she said that, so this funny memory had been documented.

The last set was to be under a trellis that is covered in grapevines and had fallen on one side. She was to get under that and put on a body stocking, and I did put an old sheet on the ground to keep her off the dirty grass.

It had gotten a bit hotter outside by then and got a little uncomfortable. I was squatting down to get the right angle and I was also in the sun, and she was wearing a wig, latex, and goo under a body stocking, and it started smelling like hot dog piss and shit outside! We wrapped it up and were very happy to go indoors and get cleaned up.

Again, Mischa is a great model and very fun to work with, and she didn’t lose her touch. As for myself, I think I did alright. I was too busy stressing over how bright and hot it was that I didn’t notice some of my settings were off. Some of my pictures were blurry. But I am definitely pleased to have done the shoot and there are a lot of images I love.

Here is an image from our shoot.


The rest of them can be seen HERE at my Flickr gallery, and I will be adding more soon!