My shoot with Eva

Eva and I had been discussing doing a shoot for quite some time, and most of the delay had to do with my needing to get the motivation to shoot again. One of my biggest problems with wanting to do shoots is overthinking everything and imagining things need to be much more complicated, when things could really be simple and be just fine. So we went with simple! 
She brought her own beauty and vibe, a nice, timeless style dress that went great with the look we were going for, and she selected a nice location. To add the finishing touches, she brought a few items along to use as props. We really hoped for fog that morning! We had always talked about doing a shoot with fog to add to the mood, and it had been foggy lately, but not that morning! I recall feeling bitter on my way to work the week following this shoot because the fog had returned that morning and I thought, “How convenient!” 

I had a great time collaborating with Eva and we quickly got some great images in a short amount of time. I used my digital camera and that roll of Wolfman 35 film by Film Photography Project. 
Here are images from both!

I believe I had my aperture setting too low for some of the film images because they turned out a little dark, but I still got some great images, so everything turned out okay. I need to have a little more patience with the 35mm camera until I get more familiar with it. I still guess my way around it because I only used it a small handful of times. 

More images can be viewed here: Eva’s Photo Shoot
When I dropped this film off to be processed, I bought another roll of film…Revolog Tesla 2!

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