My shoot with Priscila

I bought this weird alien mask a couple years ago and had been wanting to use it for a shoot. I just wasn’t sure who would be interested or what exactly to do with it. I saw a lot of silver in my ideas and wished I had a cheesy looking spaceship prop to use like about the size of a tent. I could probably make one but knew it would take effort I wasn’t trying to put in! But then I thought of tin foil hats and thought of a different idea. I just needed to throw the plan together and find someone willing to get weird. 

One thing that motivated me to bring this to fruition is I purchased a roll of Revolog Volvox film and wanted to try it out! I felt the green effects of the film would look great with the green hair on the mask and with the whole look, in general. I have really been digging the specialty films and wanted to experiment with them. 

I was happy to hear Priscila was interested in this shoot! We originally planned to go to a river actress point so we could be near nature, but I had a lot of school work due that weekend and had limited time, so we did the shoot in her backyard. It took us a while to get the foil outfit going! Making the foil “bra” was harder than I planned it out to be in my head! We just kind of winged the rest of the outfit. I had a great time shooting with her and loved the weirdness and humor she added to the whole experience! They made for great images!

I brought my 35mm to use the Volvox film, but I also brought my digital so we could have instant images. Here’s an example of both!

You can see the rest of the images here: Priscila’s Photo Shoot

When I dropped off the roll of film at Mike’s Camera, I picked up some Film Photography Project Wolfman 35 film, with intention to do another film/digital shoot! 

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