I am a self-taught photographer in Sacramento, California. I mainly do mediocre digital but have recently taken interest in revisiting analog and developing film at home.

I DON’T offer photography services.

I do photography for my own artistic purposes and don’t always have time or interest in doing projects for other people. I’m open to collaborate with those who share a mutual interest artistically.

I don’t have tons of free time and I don’t like to leave my house much. So unless we have absolute artistic chemistry, don’t ask me to provide a service for you unless you plan on compensating me.

If you want free pictures, buy a tripod for your cell phone.

How to pronounce Angelize:
“angel-eyes”, not “an-gel-eez”

-ize (īz)
1. to cause to be or become; make conform with or resemble; make.

contact: angelizephotography@yahoo.com