My old photo archive on Flickr will come to an end.

I first started my pro Flickr account 10 years ago and have been paying only $24.99 for it annually. After about 36,000 photos uploaded there, I went on a hiatus for a few years.

You may view it here: Old Flickr Photo Archive

When I decided to pick up my camera again, I decided to start a new Flick account and start  fresh. You may view the new one here: Photo Gallery on Flickr

The new account is currently a free account because you get a terabyte of space for free, so I’d rather not bother getting a second pro account. But Flickr has notified us that they will be making changes and will no longer be providing the free terabyte! Free accounts will allow 1000 photos or videos. Pro accounts will cost $49.99 annually! I’m not paying $100 a year for two pro accounts, hell naw.

This leaves me with a decision to make. As of now, I have decided I will probably upgrade my newer gallery to a pro account once I get closer to uploading 1000 images. But as for the old archive, I will probably cancel the pro account renewal. I believe all the images on that account will be reduced to only 1000, which is the maximum for free accounts, which I might even consider deleting that account all together. It will feel weird to delete it after 10 years, but it makes me wonder if anyone even visits it anymore, anyways. Blah, I figure it’s time to move onward.

Anyways, I believe all of this takes effect in April 2019. Enjoy my old archive while you still can.




Shortly after I did my shoot with Gloriam Draconis, I was also honored to do a shot with Defecrator. They are a black/death metal band from Sacramento. They are currently working on their full length and seeking to play more shows outside the Sacramento area.

Anti-Human Black/Death of Satan
Angel Raping Invoker of Bestial Chaos: guitar/vocals
Anti-Human Unholy Sexslayer of Hate: drums/vocals
Abhorrent Orgy Ejaculator of the Dead: bass/vocals
Check them out:

Newest Changes

I finally changed a few things on my site to maybe make it worth my annual domain fee. I’m pretty sure a few years went by where I’d log in just a few times a year, griping about not having any motivation for photography, but promising a return. Well here I am. I will list my most recent changes to catch you all up to speed so I can move forward and be on track with everything.

  • I have made great progress in getting caught up on photography from shows I’ve taken the past few years and never uploaded. I am able to do so with ease on this new laptop. I have just a little more to catch up on and will be uploading these images to my Angelize Photography Facebook.
  • As for my website, I previously had a black background with white text, but I have switched it to a white background. Unfortunately, the text appears to be a grayish color by default, and I probably won’t go out of my way to manually change it to black unless it’s my home page. I’ll be using my home page to post my latest news and content. In addition, I have added my Instagram feed.
  • My menu now contains direct links to my Gallery and my Photo Archive, which are both on Flickr. I started my old Flickr ten years ago and decided to leave it as an archive and move forward with a new account. All my future content will be there.
  • Ahh! I have finally designed my own logo! I have been wanting to do that for years but I was indecisive about a design and too lazy to sketch anything up. I decided to complete it just in time to present with all the other changes I have just listed!

There are a few things I am wanting to catch up on before I make more plans to do more shoots. I am eager to create some more art, but I also don’t want to get overwhelmed because I have other things in life that have also caught my interest during my photography hiatus. If I carefully apply my time, I will make time for everything.

Catching up.

I got a new laptop. It’s much faster than that awful old desktop computer I’ve had for about eight years. This laptop has revived my enthusiasm to put a dent in all those photo sets I took at shows throughout the past few years. More than a few years. I have a lot of catching up to do, so keep checking my Facebook Photography page for the new picture folders.

I know my site is very plain right now, but I am renovating. I am even working on an actual logo/watermark.

Starting Anew

I stopped doing photography for a while. I started losing my passion for it for various reasons, but mostly because I failed to stay true to myself as an artist. Not happening anymore.

I learned a lot along the way and had some great times, and everything I had done helped me realize what I prefer to do artistically. I also learned that being a “photography service” does not suit me. I am happiest by simply creating the kind of art I personally enjoy. I don’t have time in my life for anything less than that. So moving forward…