The cheap camera

I have two Canons and neither are fancy. My lens are stock. I don’t possess any expensive gear. Maybe one day. I’m currently satisfied. Maybe one day I will buy a Nikon.

Out of the two Canons I have, one is much older and cheap. That is the one I take to shows. I saw this meme and it prompted this blog entry.

Of course my gear does not cost grands.

Metal shows are not a safe place for cameras. The last two shows I went to reminded me of that. I had one person run to the pit into a frenzy and charged right through my lens, although there was no damage. And I had another person stage dive and their foot somehow got stuck in my camera strap. Thankfully, it wasn’t yanked out of my hand and it was also not damaged. I always wrap the strap around my wrist. This shit isn’t new to me. I’ve been in front of the stage and have had people wreck into me, causing me to fall against the stage, but I keep my camera up.

It was even worse when I used to drink. I would be tumbling all over the place, spilling drink on my camera, moshing with my camera in the air. That wasn’t very bright. But I rarely drink and I don’t mosh anymore. I think I stopped doing that like ten years ago. I remember some idiot slammed me into the corner of the stage and I landed on my knee. I can still feel the nerve damage. I’m not that young anymore, so I’ll leave the moshing to the rubber-boned kids. I have enough aches and pains to worry about. 

Anyways, my cheap Canon is old and if ever gets destroyed, I will bust out with my other Canon. For now, I want to reserve the better Canon for photoshoots.

Film failure

I used a roll of film and it didn’t turn out so well. It was an expired roll of Ilford FP4 Plus 125 Black and White. It expired last Summer. I had it for a few years and never got around to using it. I believe there were a few things that happened that caused these images to fail. 


I went to the river with a small tripod and my goal was to carefully set everything up to experiment. Not only did I kind of have to pee, but there were people occasionally passing by, and I didn’t want to be seen photographing myself because that feels weird. I would have preferred to have brought someone along to photograph, but it was a spontaneous decision to go there. So I was rushed and definitely not putting the care into it that I should have. Not to mention, I was really wanting to try out the multiple exposure setting and completely forgot! Dammit! So I still have to explore that another day.

So here’s the stupid things I did: 

Instead of shooting in manual mode, I shot in aperture priority mode. Because of lazy reasons. And I didn’t even use the tripod I brought! I set the camera on the damn ground! I barely took the time to verify things were focused. I’m so terrible. I kinda wanted to get it done and over with so no one would see me. I would have been so much more relaxed if someone was there with me and also if I didn’t have to pee. I believe I also lost enthusiasm because it’s hard to photograph film when you’re not behind the camera and can see how things look. It takes more patience than I had at that time.

I did take some rather nice pictures on my cell phone just to make sure I had something good to keep from my visit there if my film images were a fail. And they were!!

Processing the film:

The chemicals I used were new. I haven’t developed anything in quite a while and forgot how long I used to leave the negatives in the developer. I took a guess and did it for 4 minutes. I should have done some reading to refresh my memory on everything, but I did not. I remember when I used to develop film before and got pretty causal about it and the images still looked fine, but I should have still refreshed my memory. I could see images on the negatives before I hung them out to dry, so at least there was that. 

I busted out with my lousy, cheap Jumbl scanner, scanned the negatives, and was disturbed by how terrible they came out! Overexposed and super grainy! Ugh! They look like something someone created on their cheap cell phone, changed to black and white, and constrated the shit out of it for bottom-of-the-barrel black metal aesthetic. This was a fail.

I need to revisit some film processing knowledge, get a better scanner, and stop expecting good results if I am going to rush myself and not put real effort into things. I’ll have to revisit the 35mm self timer experiment when I have a lot more time on my hands.

My shoot with Eva

Eva and I had been discussing doing a shoot for quite some time, and most of the delay had to do with my needing to get the motivation to shoot again. One of my biggest problems with wanting to do shoots is overthinking everything and imagining things need to be much more complicated, when things could really be simple and be just fine. So we went with simple! 
She brought her own beauty and vibe, a nice, timeless style dress that went great with the look we were going for, and she selected a nice location. To add the finishing touches, she brought a few items along to use as props. We really hoped for fog that morning! We had always talked about doing a shoot with fog to add to the mood, and it had been foggy lately, but not that morning! I recall feeling bitter on my way to work the week following this shoot because the fog had returned that morning and I thought, “How convenient!” 

I had a great time collaborating with Eva and we quickly got some great images in a short amount of time. I used my digital camera and that roll of Wolfman 35 film by Film Photography Project. 
Here are images from both!

I believe I had my aperture setting too low for some of the film images because they turned out a little dark, but I still got some great images, so everything turned out okay. I need to have a little more patience with the 35mm camera until I get more familiar with it. I still guess my way around it because I only used it a small handful of times. 

More images can be viewed here: Eva’s Photo Shoot
When I dropped this film off to be processed, I bought another roll of film…Revolog Tesla 2!

My shoot with Priscila

I bought this weird alien mask a couple years ago and had been wanting to use it for a shoot. I just wasn’t sure who would be interested or what exactly to do with it. I saw a lot of silver in my ideas and wished I had a cheesy looking spaceship prop to use like about the size of a tent. I could probably make one but knew it would take effort I wasn’t trying to put in! But then I thought of tin foil hats and thought of a different idea. I just needed to throw the plan together and find someone willing to get weird. 

One thing that motivated me to bring this to fruition is I purchased a roll of Revolog Volvox film and wanted to try it out! I felt the green effects of the film would look great with the green hair on the mask and with the whole look, in general. I have really been digging the specialty films and wanted to experiment with them. 

I was happy to hear Priscila was interested in this shoot! We originally planned to go to a river actress point so we could be near nature, but I had a lot of school work due that weekend and had limited time, so we did the shoot in her backyard. It took us a while to get the foil outfit going! Making the foil “bra” was harder than I planned it out to be in my head! We just kind of winged the rest of the outfit. I had a great time shooting with her and loved the weirdness and humor she added to the whole experience! They made for great images!

I brought my 35mm to use the Volvox film, but I also brought my digital so we could have instant images. Here’s an example of both!

You can see the rest of the images here: Priscila’s Photo Shoot

When I dropped off the roll of film at Mike’s Camera, I picked up some Film Photography Project Wolfman 35 film, with intention to do another film/digital shoot! 

Getting out.

Still in the pandemic, but I’ve been getting outdoors a bit recently. Just a little bit. Still no shows. And I still haven’t done any film or developing, but I need to because I miss it.

Here are a few self portraits from recent outings. I’m not terribly used to being in front of the camera, but I might try it more often. Just as a form of expression. Maybe I’ll get a little artsy, we’ll see.

Awesome thrift scores!

I recently went to the Big Blue Barn thrift store last month and found some goodies for only FIVE DOLLARS! I was stoked! I got a Holga camera, a mini developer tank, a film reel to use with the developer tank, and a film canister opener! I have been wanting one of those because there is no can opener at home that opens the film canisters without a struggle. I still have yet to try the canister opener out since I haven’t developed any film recently. I’m really happy about this little haul!


I have never used a Holga camera before, but I have always wanted to. And I’ve never used 120 film. I looked on YouTube and saw it’s just as easy to develop it at home, like I’ve been doing with the 35mm. But I don’t have a method of scanning 120 film. Murr. Maybe I will have to give in and have it developed at the local camera shop and have prints made. Or let them scan it. I don’t know if I am trying to invest in a better scanner that does 120 film at this time. Hmm…