Newest Changes

I finally changed a few things on my site to maybe make it worth my annual domain fee. I’m pretty sure a few years went by where I’d log in just a few times a year, griping about not having any motivation for photography, but promising a return. Well here I am. I will list my most recent changes to catch you all up to speed so I can move forward and be on track with everything.

  • I have made great progress in getting caught up on photography from shows I’ve taken the past few years and never uploaded. I am able to do so with ease on this new laptop. I have just a little more to catch up on and will be uploading these images to my Angelize Photography Facebook.
  • As for my website, I previously had a black background with white text, but I have switched it to a white background. Unfortunately, the text appears to be a grayish color by default, and I probably won’t go out of my way to manually change it to black unless it’s my home page. I’ll be using my home page to post my latest news and content. In addition, I have added my Instagram feed.
  • My menu now contains direct links to my Gallery and my Photo Archive, which are both on Flickr. I started my old Flickr ten years ago and decided to leave it as an archive and move forward with a new account. All my future content will be there.
  • Ahh! I have finally designed my own logo! I have been wanting to do that for years but I was indecisive about a design and too lazy to sketch anything up. I decided to complete it just in time to present with all the other changes I have just listed!

There are a few things I am wanting to catch up on before I make more plans to do more shoots. I am eager to create some more art, but I also don’t want to get overwhelmed because I have other things in life that have also caught my interest during my photography hiatus. If I carefully apply my time, I will make time for everything.