Awesome thrift scores!

I recently went to the Big Blue Barn thrift store last month and found some goodies for only FIVE DOLLARS! I was stoked! I got a Holga camera, a mini developer tank, a film reel to use with the developer tank, and a film canister opener! I have been wanting one of those because there is no can opener at home that opens the film canisters without a struggle. I still have yet to try the canister opener out since I haven’t developed any film recently. I’m really happy about this little haul!


I have never used a Holga camera before, but I have always wanted to. And I’ve never used 120 film. I looked on YouTube and saw it’s just as easy to develop it at home, like I’ve been doing with the 35mm. But I don’t have a method of scanning 120 film. Murr. Maybe I will have to give in and have it developed at the local camera shop and have prints made. Or let them scan it. I don’t know if I am trying to invest in a better scanner that does 120 film at this time. Hmm…

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