The cheap camera

I have two Canons and neither are fancy. My lens are stock. I don’t possess any expensive gear. Maybe one day. I’m currently satisfied. Maybe one day I will buy a Nikon.

Out of the two Canons I have, one is much older and cheap. That is the one I take to shows. I saw this meme and it prompted this blog entry.

Of course my gear does not cost grands.

Metal shows are not a safe place for cameras. The last two shows I went to reminded me of that. I had one person run to the pit into a frenzy and charged right through my lens, although there was no damage. And I had another person stage dive and their foot somehow got stuck in my camera strap. Thankfully, it wasn’t yanked out of my hand and it was also not damaged. I always wrap the strap around my wrist. This shit isn’t new to me. I’ve been in front of the stage and have had people wreck into me, causing me to fall against the stage, but I keep my camera up.

It was even worse when I used to drink. I would be tumbling all over the place, spilling drink on my camera, moshing with my camera in the air. That wasn’t very bright. But I rarely drink and I don’t mosh anymore. I think I stopped doing that like ten years ago. I remember some idiot slammed me into the corner of the stage and I landed on my knee. I can still feel the nerve damage. I’m not that young anymore, so I’ll leave the moshing to the rubber-boned kids. I have enough aches and pains to worry about. 

Anyways, my cheap Canon is old and if ever gets destroyed, I will bust out with my other Canon. For now, I want to reserve the better Canon for photoshoots.

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