A lot of shows!

I have been kind of going to a lot of shows and haven’t really been making a point to post here about them. I do post on Instagram, however, because I really don’t know who even visits my website.

You should visit my GALLERY to check out everything I’ve done lately. I’ll try to be more active about posting here, because there is always a story behind everything, and I should take the time to share it.

There’s a few things I need to be working on. I want to do more weird shoots. I also need to finish that double exposure film experiment I started and have not finished because I am too busy being extra picky. I also have a roll of 110 red lobster film that I need to use! I’d like to use that for something cool, though. The 110 camera I have does not have a flash, so it has to be outdoors during day. It’s expired, as well, so the images should look really nice.

Anyways, here is a random picture I took at the Cancer Christ show on Sunday night.


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